What is ESTIEM?

The organisation known as ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) was created to increase communication and cooperation between students and institutions of technology in Europe within the field of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM). The IEM concept rests on the integration of technological understanding and management skills. The studies provide analytical capacities, engineering knowledge and practical management experiences, which make IEM students valuable since they are able to do business while understanding the underlying technology. As the demand for internationalisation is constantly growing in the uniting Europe, young people with both a European orientation and experience will be most needed.


”ESTIEM is an exciting network of open-minded students with a professional approach.”


ESTIEM is the only Europe-wide organisation of IEM and represents today through its 66 member groups over 50,000 students in 25 countries. Founded in 1990, it aims at establishing and fostering interrelations among students of IEM. Multinational project teams organise a wide scope of Europe-wide activities such as exchanges, conferences, case competitions, lectures and workshops. This makes ESTIEM a unique network connecting people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences.


If you are looking for more information regarding ESTIEM, visit our Facebook-page at: https://www.facebook.com/ESTIEMLGLulea/ or contact us at: lr_lulea@estiem.org


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Welcome to Local Group Luleå – The northernmost ESTIEMers!

ESTIEM, the organisation of European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, represents more than 50,000 students in 25 countries and is the only Europe-wide network linking 66 IEM universities.

If you want to find out more information about what is going on within the organisation then contact intu@i-sektionen.se. As a registered user for the ESTIEM portal you can access event information and be able to apply for events. You will also be updated with news and activities within ESTIEM!

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